Thoughts, feelings, and sensations are like birds flying in the sky, which don’t leave any trace of their flight.
Let them fly. Let them come and go without a trace.
Let yourself become the space that welcomes any experience without judgement.
Tsoknyi Rinpoche
If you speak or act with a calm, bright heart, then happiness follows you, like a shadow that never leaves.
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The True Nature of our Reality pt 2 
Like a Dream. Nagarjuna’s view of dream-like emptiness.

"If you desire ease, forsake learning."
Nagarjuna (c.150 - c.250)
The Dalai Lama dressed as Heruka for a ceremony in Tibet.
There exist no things whatever, anywhere
that have arisen
either from themselves,
or from another,
or from both,
or without any cause at all

Nagarjuna - “The Fundamentals of the Middle Way” (via destruction-and-rebirth)

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Love is everywhere
Samadhi Mudra